Woman's Missionary Union

Dallas Baptist Association

WMU Girls’ Summer Camp

Set Free

July 29-August 1, 2019

Girls grades 1-6

$185 per person

Mt. Lebanon Baptist Encampment

Worship Time

Camp Pastor is Adam Wood from the Neighborhood Church in Garland.

He also will lead worship music with the help of our teen and junior staffers.

Bible Study

  Monday   –    “Joseph” taught by Denise Parsons

Tuesday  –     “Moses” 

Wednesday – “Jesus” taught by Nayely Vallejo

   Joanna Robbins, former IMB missionary (just back from East Asia, Turkey, N. Cyprus,  Budapest, Czech Republic and Germany),

will speak to each color group.  Girls, be ready for a surprise gift from her.

Mission Action Project  & Featured Ministry

OURCALLING, a ministry to the homeless in Dallas.   Amy Wood will share.

Bring travel-sized items for homeless in the OURCALLING ministry.   (Travel-size is the operative word.) 

Mission Study

Featured ministry:  Safely Home Refugee Ministry, Las Vegas, NV.  

Color groups will meet one time to hear about Cynthia and Tom Martin, who lead the ministry.


Our offering will go to the OURCALLING Ministry  AND Joanna Robbins.

Prayer Calendar

Monday       -     The Exciting Singing Hills Baptist Church

Tuesday      -    Plymouth Park Baptist Church

Wednesday –       Freeman Heights Baptist Church

Thursday     -     NO ONE YET

Craft Time

Craft time is offered two times during the week, but three crafts will be made: 

Prayer jar, cross, and friendship book.  They are really cute and something the girls will keep and enjoy making!!

Daily On-Going Game

AmazinGrace is back, better and improved.  Compete with fellow churches to capture

the flag from Bethel Baptist Church, who won in 2018.  Awards given Thursday, after lunch.


Photo Booths, Alpine Climbing, Zipline, Archery, Swimming, BBs, Big Slide, Free Time, Food

Night Fun Time

Monday       - Night Swimming

Tuesday      - Scavenger Hunt;  sundaes

Wednesday – Hidden Mystery and Refugee Adventure;  frozen treat. 

(All incoming 7th graders for 2019-2020 school year will have a swim party & ice cream sandwiches.)

Hidden Mystery and Refugee Adventure

Location:  Small dining hall

Our “Set Free” theme jolts us to think about those who need freedom.  Massive swaths of our population need liberty from their prison of unbelief and ignorance of Christ’s love for them.  This is missions camp’s first priority of concern.   Moreover, huge numbers around the world are fleeing their native homes in search of freedom from religious, political, and physical persecutions or conditions.    The United Nations lists Laos, Thailand, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Syria, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Somalia among the most affected countries.   Dallas Independent School Districts also lists Sudan as a suffering country with refugees.  2019 Girls’ Summer Missions Camp is highlighting this group.

To spotlight the above countries, our camp committee is asking our churches to pick a country from the above list, feature its culture in any way(s) chosen, and spotlight the citizens and their reasons for escaping their birth country.  Suggested items for your table may include the following, and whatever else your creative mind desires:  Food, dress of the country, map, game, pictures, etc., and information about their refugees.  

A Passport Book, with a page for each country, will be given to each camper.  She will listen to what the table spokesperson reports, play a game, eat a food, etc. (Activities are at the discretion of the church.)  Before leaving the country/table, her passport must be stamped!!! 

Where does the Hidden Mystery come in?  On each table, there will be an alphabet letter or number—not both, it will be one or the other.  After visiting all tables, a camper should have spotted all the letters and numbers, written them down, and put the letters and/numbers together to reveal the mystery phrase, word, whatever!!! (We are not telling!!!!)  *Warning:  There may be more tables than letters/numbers.  Just sayin’.

Our “Conniving Camp Director” will hold our night’s refreshments hostage until each church group tells her what it thinks the Hidden Mystery is.   Only after their revelation will the director unleash our yummy treat for the night

Countries from which to choose:   (Note that some have already been chosen.)

Sudan - Singing Hills

Laos - Plymouth Park

Guatemala - Freeman Heights

Rwanda - Royal Haven


Myanmar (formerly called Burma),



Democratic Republic of Congo


Please choose a country and let Carol Dorman ( or the WMU office ( know the country you choose!!!  We need AT LEAST seven countries selected.  We shall send you suggestions on some things to do . . . be creative and have some fun!!! :)

       * Camp opens at 7:00 a.m., Monday, July 29, for bringing  your campers.  We shall leave camp at 2:00 p.m., Thursday, August 1.   If you need prompting on any information regarding camp from prior communiqués, please contact the WMU office at

        Our T-shirt is sky blue with "Humble Bumble" and a yellow bee on the front and this year’s featured verse, Micah 6:8, on the back.


Registration Information for *Girls Summer Missions Camp

Deadline:  July 10:  A non-refundable registration fee of $10.00 per camper must be received in the DBA office by this date in order to receive a t-shirt.

Final Deadline:  July 17:  A non-refundable registration fee of $10.00 per camper.  Sorry, but t-shirts will have already been ordered, and will no longer be available for those registering late.

Church:  _____________________________________________________________________

Person submitting registration: ___________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________ E-mail address: ________________________

City: __________________________ Zip: __________ Phone: _________________________

Number of Campers Your Church Is Bringing

Grade 1              Grade 2     Grade 3        Grade 4     Grade 5        Grade 6        Leaders     TOTAL

   _______     _______   _______    _______    _______   _______     _______    ______



Please fill this form out correctly before mailing to DBA/WMU, Attn. Joan Neely.                                                                                 

**XXL and Oversize available for an additional charge of $5.00  (Include this with registration)

 Youth      Youth         Youth         Adult         Adult          Adult          Adult          Adult               Adult                 TOTAL     

 Small      Medium     Large        Small        Medium       Large        X-Large     XX-Large**    Oversize**      

_____    ______       _____       _____        ____        ______      ______      _______     ______        _________

TOTAL REGISTERED:  _______  X  $10.00 + $5 each for **XX-Large/Oversize shirts       =           __________      Amount Due Now                                                                               

Please send one check and form per church payable to WMU.              

Mail to:

Woman’s Missionary Union

Attn:  Joan Neely

8001 East R. L. Thornton Frwy.

Dallas, Texas 75228

 Camp will be held at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Encampment,

PO Box 427, Cedar Hill, TX  75105    972-291-7156


*Contact Mark Boucher for RA Camp (